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Trolley safety seat shaping pillow

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Product Name: Baby Elephant Pillow Pillow

Product size: 43*28.5*7.5CM

Product description: The stereotyped pillow, which can hold up the baby's head slightly, avoid the direct contact of the back brain with the hard surface. The use of SOZZY styling pillow can prevent the baby from having flat head syndrome (the back brain is flattened or crooked). The hole design can free the baby's back plexus pressure and can maintain the baby's normal round head shape. The thick and soft sides provide enough comfort for the baby and prevent the baby's head from slipping out of the pillow.

Instructions for use: Use in places where baby strollers, rockers, electric swings, etc. have protective belts where babies cannot turn over at will.

Use experience: The car pillow is made of fabric machine cotton + polyester. It can be washed for many times during use, and it can still last for a long time. It is recommended to wash by hand with water at about 30 degrees. Do not use washing with bleaching function.undefined

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